Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Click to download and print on an 8.5x11 inch paper.


Busy at the Post Office- Fall Coloring Sheet

Our local Post Office is always busy and usually full of kids, dogs, and friendly folks from around town. Download and print this coloring sheet and share it with your local postal worker! :)


Twiggen’s Pumpkin House- Fall Coloring Sheet

It’s time for a little Fall cleaning, dusting, and decorating! Help Twiggen the mouse and his friends decorate their pumpkin house for the upcoming Halloween party. Click the button below to download and print!

Ringtail Lemur Coloring Sheet-01.jpg

9x12 mama Lemur Coloring Sheet

Want to paint with your kids without a big mess? Here’s what I do with my 3-year-old:

  • Print this coloring sheet out on watercolor paper. I really like these 9x12” Strathmore Mixed Media paper pads, but you could go with whatever you have on hand or in your local art store.

  • Give these watercolor crayons a try! Instead of using wet paint, your kids can color with the crayons first, then apply water with a brush and watch the crayons turn into paint right on the paper!

  • The only clean-up required is rinsing out the brush and dumping the cup of water. So much easier than a palette of wet paint!

Coloring Sheet City Scene 2 1000.jpg

11x17 Construction Site Coloring Sheet

I love making coloring sheets for you! Can you tell? :) Click below to download and print this construction site coloring sheet from your home computer.

City Promo Piece BW-01.jpg

11x17 City scene coloring sheet

Can your kids find all the critters hidden throughout this city scene? 

(This coloring sheet is formatted for 11x17" paper. I found 80lb ledger at Office Depot, but 24lb would work just fine!)

Print Club March 2.jpeg

Garden Shed Print

Click the button below to download this 8x10" Garden Shed print for you or a friend. Print it from the convenience of your home.


pink apartment bookmark

You can now download my pink apartment bookmark for you and your kids to enjoy. Here's my favorite website for kid's book recommendations in case you're looking for a great new read. 

8x10 Pet Portrait 1000.jpg

Pug print

Created with watercolor and colored pencil, I've designed this adorable dog artwork as an 8x10" print to hang in your child's bedroom to keep her company while she plays and imagines. You can easily pop this little pug into any standard frame.


"Christmas on the farm" Paper ornaments

Click the button below to download and print these paper ornaments. Have your kids color them and hang them on the Christmas tree or fold them into your Christmas cards for a fun way to share love from your kids.